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Map Tiling Services

Consulting Services

Specialized automated Workflows

Scripting batch, bash, python, Global Mapper, ESRI, QGIS, FME

GIS Software Development

Full Stack Development, Analysis, Project Management, Testing, Coordination.

Mobile GIS Development

Offline Mapping

GeoSpatial Services

Integration Services

Integrate Mapping and geospatial databases into your systems

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We are a full service GIS-IT Services firm with some specialties in:

  • Geospatial Information Technologies
    • GIS Mapping and Analysis
    • Cartographic Design /Map making
    • Georeferencing
    • geospatial data creation and editing
    • Advanced Raster and Vector Processing and Automation.
    • map tiling (raster, vector, terrain/elevation) for web and mobile
    • Data Processing/Conversion and Geospatial ETL
    • JavaScript Map Development (Leafletjs, openlayers, cesiumjs, terriajs, arcgis and others)
    • Full Stack Development and implementation services.
    • GeoServer and POSTGIS
    • web map mashups
    • web map custom basemaps
    • GIS Training Services
    • Integration with Enterprise systems
    • Field Data Collection Systems
    • Visualizing business data using Maps and Charts – Dashboards, Business Intelligence
  • IT Services
    • Business Analysis
    • Business Process Modelling and Improvement
    • IT Project Management
    • Document Management Systems
    • Data analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence
    • WordPress CMS – Mapping Applications and RESTful architecture


Spatial Analysis

Cartographic Quality Map Products

Map Mashups – leafletjs and terriajs mapping

Google Earth & Maps KML/KMZ creation and conversion

Development of Mapping Applications and Map Mashups of various data sources to:

Web Platform, GeoServer, MapServer, Leafletjs, openlayers, cesiumjs, terriajs, ArcGIS for Javascript

IDV Visual Fusion for SharePoint

ESRI ArcGIS for , SharePoint

ESRI ArcGIS Online

ESRI ArcGIS for Server

Asset Management

Real Property (Land) and Facility Asset Management

Development of Databases and Applications for managing and reporting assets

Integration with Mapping and GIS

Document Management

Project Management

Acquisition History

We deliver offline data highly optimized 

raster tiles, elevation tiles, vector tiles, geopackages, spatialite

and many other formats.

Whatever your app and challenges let us build data for your next project or adventure.

Tech Maven Geospatial is run by Jordan Bess a highly passionate and experienced Geospatial Information Technology Professional

We are both GIS-IT specialists and subject matter experts and overall IT generalists in some areas.

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